Ibeku High School Umuahia Website - A Call to Duty.

Fellow Alumni,
Sometime ago, someone asked what we can give back to our Alma-Ata. It gave me a great concern because part of who I am today, I truly owe to the upbringing and nurture I received from Ibeku High School.

Ibeku High School Umuahia has left an indelible mark in my life and I have since then been thinking of the best ways to give back to Ibeku High School.

Putting on my thinking cap, I had to find a way to try and keep alive the connections that we all had from School, and further consolidate the opportunity that Facebook (one of the Social Media Network Sites) gave us. This opportunity of having an Alumni page on Facebook has enabled us to have a reconnection with old friends and even make new friends, and also helped many of us reconnect with many friends we lost touch with some 10, 16, 20+ years ago.

I therefore wish to unveil the hard work of a set Committee whose mandate is to work on the actualisation of a common ground where all present Students, Teachers, Past Teachers and Alumni can come together and unite in one voice.

Fellow Alumni, I give you the Ibeku High School Online Community Website

Project completion Phases.

The Phase one of the Ibeku High School Website Project will feature a Forum where everyone can have a say in any topic or area of their choice. This will be followed by the full site for Ibeku High School, when all necessary data has been gathered.
I will like to take this opportunity to ask that anyone with useful information from the School should please send them to the appropriate Board in the Forum.

Furthermore, The Forum has been structured in a way that you can easily find any information you are looking for, and whereby you seem a bit lost, please do not hesitate to use the search bar located at the upper right hand Conner of the site. Please feel free to post any comments or suggestions that you have in the appropriate forums.

Posting Policy

We should also understand that the Forum is meant to be family friendly, so let us use the language that we will not be ashamed to show your 8 years old siblings or children.

I do hope you wil enjoy yourself as you communicate with others.

Thank you.

FOR: Ibeku High School Online Community,


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